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The Process

It is easy for me to be drawn to the feel of clay. I am interested and curious in the outcome of shaping, sculpting and throwing. My process is calming and the finished pieces are visually pleasing; many times, they are whimsical and colorful. 

My bird homes are built and sculpted from slabs of clay; sometimes the base is thrown and then altered. I use stoneware or earthenware; after drying the pieces, they are then bisque fired to 1,850 degrees. Then oxides, underglazes, slips and or glazes are applied. They are then fired at Cone 5, which is 2,160 degrees, in an electric kiln. 

I make things I like myself. In addition to bird homes, my work includes planters, succulent pots and whimsical items for the garden. My other body of work includes seasonal collections to use year after year. 

"Clay can be dirt in the wrong hands,
but clay can be art in the right hands.

- Lupita Nyong'0 

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